When it comes to deciding what to write on your about page for your farm or ranch, keep in mind that people want to know more about where their food comes from... and who grows and raises their food. Be sure to include a current/recent family photo - although it can also be a great idea to include historic photos as well if you have them.

On your About page you'll be sharing the story of your small business, of the land, of the products and/or animals you raise. About pages aren't always the most popular pages on a website, but they are often some of the most important as they can serve as a tipping point to convincing a potential customer to buy from your farm or ranch. Never underestimate the power of a strong About page on the website for your small business.

Many people find it hard to write about themselves and sometimes even hire a freelance writer to put together a bio/about page. You can do that... or you can simply write out the Who, What, When, Where and Why of your small business. 

Your about page doesn't have to be long and involved... or it can be. It's totally up to you. If you do find that you have a lot to share, you might want to break up your content into additional canvases (sections) or even pages to make it easier for your website visitors to consume your content. 

You don't have to caption every photo, but it's a good idea to caption the photo you use on your About page so visitors know who everyone is!

The farm has become the center of our dreams and we love it.

When you have a lot of content to share on your About page, or any other page, you can break it up into smaller, easier-to-read sections. You'll also want to use Headers as well as photos to add visual interest and breaks. Using headers not only helps your website visitors to understand quickly what a particular section of your website is about - it also helps with search engine optimization. Inside the Text Properties panel inside of Showit you'll have the ability to use the Advanced Text Tag dropdown to indicate which type of text tag you are using in any given section of your website. By taking this extra step, you'll improve your SEO. When Google reads your website's code, it improves the readability of your website if you've included headers and tagged them properly. 

Another great way to break up text on a Showit page is to use the text columns function found inside the Text Style drawer in the right side panel. Using columns with left justified text (the way newspapers and magazines do) makes your text, even if there are large bodies of text, easier for your website visitors to read. 

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Break Up Content Sections with Headers and Use Photos to Add Interest