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This blog post is an example of the kind of blog post you might write about your business. While your blog's main page and each individual page is designed inside of Showit, you'll actually being doing your writing inside of Wordpress. If you've ever used Wordpress before you might be quick to say "yeah, no thanks." But wait... this isn't going to be the same kind of Wordpress experience that you've had in the past. If you purchase a website design template from britelime your template will be designed on the Showit platform - and that means you'll never have to "hack" Wordpress again. 

Want to change the look of your sidebar, you can. Did a logo update? No problem. By using Showit, the premiere (in britelime's opinion) website builder all you need to know how to do is "drag-and-drop" ... and I'm betting even your parents can learn to do that.

Your britelime template is simple to update when changes happen in your business. You aren't tied to using a graphic designer every time you want to make a change. Nope. Now you are empowered to make changes whenever you need and want. But you aren't alone either. If you need help, britelime is here to help. Your template purchase includes a suite of educational tutorial videos that show you how to make changes to your specific template. I know your time is limited and your to-do list is long. That's why the "Getting Started" video will take just ten minutes of your time. 

You're not a web designer and that's okay. But your website should always put your best foot forward and with a template from britelime you can! Here's a quick and simple design tip: Color continuity. Color what? Have you ever wondered why website templates look so darn good but then when you start to customize it yourself it never looks as good? It might be because you haven't paid attention to color continuity. Continuity is simply: does it go together? Do the colors on your website match the color scheme of your logo? Do the photos on your website match the color scheme of your site? If they don't... it might be time to consider investing in some updated branding images for your business. On this website template from britelime, you'll notice that all of the images I chose to use are cohesive. They go together. They have continuity.

The Comment section of your blog won't be live and your blogs won't show until you have the Showit Support Pros connect you blog for you! It's an easy process, but it's important to keep in mind that your blog won't be fully functional until it goes live! 

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